Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Will the Ambi-Catch™ work with the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch?

Answer:  Yes.  Left handed shooters can actually depress the lever of the 
Ambi-Catch™ and the lower projection of the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch (GMBC) simultaneously with their trigger finger while dropping the magazine.  This action serves to positively maintain the lower projection (tab) of the GMBC in a depressed condition while the magazine is being released.  The upper projection of the GMBC is located upward and slightly to the rear placing the actuating surface away from the serrated portion of the lever of the Ambi-Catch™.  No modification to the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch is necessary when installed with the Ambi-Catch™.

Question:  Why is your ambidextrous magazine release better than other ambidextrous releases available from other manufacturers?

Answer:  For a complete description of the Ambi-Catch™ and the advantages of our release over other designs, please visit our "Why Buy Our Release?" page.

I am right handed and I’m worried about dropping the magazine accidentally if the weapon hits equipment.  How does the Ambi-Catch™ protect against this?

The Ambi-Catch™ has a low profile and can only be actuated by depressing the serrated portion of the lever.  By design, the Ambi-Catch™ requires more force to release the magazine when it is fully loaded.  The engagement tooth has increased surface area which resists releasing the magazine if the serrated depressing surface is “bumped” slightly.

Question: The Ambi-Catch™ is in close proximity to the tab of the bolt catch.  I am concerned about the possibility of inadvertently dropping the magazine if I have to lock the bolt to the rear during an immediate action drill.  Is this a possibility?

Answer:  None of the leading military or law enforcement training manuals advocates locking the bolt to the rear during an immediate action drill.  The user ensures the magazine is securely latched, pulls the charging handle to the rear (hopefully ejecting the problem ammunition), observes the chamber, releases the charging handle (chambering a round), taps the forward assist and continues to engage targets.  Locking the bolt to the rear is a wasted movement (economy of motion) and unnecessary.  Some units train to transition to another weapon altogether and not waste time performing immediate action in the event of a stoppage in the primary weapon.


Question: Will an Ambi-Catch™ work with multiple magazine holders (MMH)?

Yes.  The Ambi-Catch™ works with all of the common MMH designs (Mag-Cinch, CAA, THOR, etc.)  Isreali “V” type MMHs require a modification to ensure enough space between the magazines for proper function.  If you are using the Isreali “V” type MMHs simply contact us and we will e-mail you instructions on the modification required.


Question: Will an Ambi-Catch™ work with a Johnson Ready Mag?

Answer:  No.  The Ambi-Catch™ will not work with a Johnson Ready Mag.  If you need another magazine readily available for a quick magazine change, you should consider the use of a multiple magazine holder (MMH).  An MMH does not permanently alter the configuration of your weapon.  If you needed to use a buddy’s MMH or a Beta C-Mag, the Johnson Ready Mag will not allow you to do so.  The Johnson Ready Mag adds weight to the weapon and is not designed for use by left handed shooters.


Question: I think all tactical weapons should be configured with the same controls “issued” with the weapon so manipulation of the controls is not confusing if you have to use a fallen buddy’s weapon.  What do you think?

Answer:  The Ambi-Catch™ only replaces the magazine catch of the weapon.  The original magazine release button is retained.  If someone has to use a weapon equipped with an Ambi-Catch™ he simply uses the existing magazine release button method he is accustomed to (right or left handed shooter).  Users of the Ambi-Catch™ should train to use all six of the magazine release methods (three on each side of the weapon) to realize the full benefit of the use of our product.  If an Ambi-Catch™ user has to use a weapon not equipped with an ambidextrous magazine release capability, he’ll do just fine.


All newer tactical weapon systems have ambidextrous controls.

Why not add an ambidextrous magazine release capability to your weapon?