Law Enforcement

Authorized for use in all personally owned and Bureau M16, AR-15 and M4 weapons
(Evaluated and Approved - November 1999)

MIL-Spec Ambidextrous Mag Catch for M16, M4, AR-15, and AR-10.  Tested and approved for use by the FBI.  Used by the US Secret Service and other government law enforcement agencies.

Also used by the following law enforcement agencies:

US Capitol Police

US Customs Service

US Border Patrol (SWAT Team)

US Marshals Service

Drug Enforcement Administration

US State Department (DSS / MSD)

Fairfax County Police Department (Patrol Rifle)

Fairfax City Police

Herndon Police Department

Town of Vienna, VA Police

City of St. Bernard Ohio Police Department

Lake Forest Washington Park Police

Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant