MIL / LE Individual Discount

The Ambi-Catch™ was designed and developed specifically for tactical use by military and law enforcement personnel.  Our Warfighters and Law Enforcement professionals have chosen to sacrifice for our benefit and we believe you deserve something in return.  

All active duty / prior service military and active/retired LE personnel are qualified to participate in our MIL / LE Discount program.

To qualify for Military/LE pricing, go to our “My Account” page and register as  “Military Individual” or "LE Individual".

Next, go to our “Contact Us” page and send a confirmation email using your military email address (active duty military)/Copy of Form DD214 (prior service military) or Official ID (active law enforcement)/Retired ID (retired law enforcement) by clicking the "+Select files" button and submit the form.  In the "Message box" type "MIL/LE Discount".

We will notify you when your MIL/LE account is active.  

We appreciate your service!